DigiCorp Update – May 2022

Dear Metanauts,

It’s time once again for our monthly update.
We’re approaching the end of the first half of 2022.
We know the market hasn’t been kind to us so far. All markets are “risk-off,” not only in crypto, but also in corporate and government bonds, equities, and commodities. Volatility is very high.
We understand there is a lot of uncertainty with all investors, but we are still building!
We are laser focused on business and developing products, and the token will have real utility in our solutions.
We are becoming part of a growing Metaverse, a technical evolution that needs to put data ownership and control back where it belongs; in the hands of users, data originators and contributors.


We are continuing to talk to several businesses and relevant companies where we see potential win-wins.
Some talks have been very prosperous. Our partnerships are not only related to corporate enterprises, where we cannot always be transparent, but also in the blockchain- and crypto-space, where we have active engagements with several projects. Last month, we announced a partnership with Ikonic, where we have great potential in the Metaverse, Web3, NFT and gaming space. This was very well received by their community. We are proud to announce we will have them on our DigiMetaverse show soon. Let us know if you have any questions about Ikonic, so Weynand Kuijpers can address them on the show.

Product and Technology Development

We are making great progress with our authenticator and password manager. We have some great POCs lined up for this product and are already using some customer feedback to make improvements. We will have our first commercial launch soon, and we expect the product to be ready to go to market in Q3/Q4. Timelines in software development are always difficult and challenging. Finding the right talents to scale up our team takes more time than anticipated. We are improving the UI/UX and putting together the required documentation for the products, as well as taking the necessary actions to monitor and enhance quality standards. We have to have a thorough approach to apply enterprise standards, related to (pen)testing, security protocols, privacy rules and compliance.
We also continue to develop other solutions with great features and unique technologies, like quantum-safe decentralized data management solutions and peer-to-peer communication solutions.
We are making some good progress there as well.
DigiByte and the Threefold Grid are important pillars in our technology, so DigiCorp will keep supporting the development and improvement of these technologies. We are also happy with our DGMV subchannel, where we are bringing lots of DigiByte news and updates as well as talking to some special DigiByte community members.


It’s great to see we have ticked all the boxes and accomplished everything on our April roadmap.
Some highlights:

I would like to repeat that in June, we will be holding our first quarterly AMA in the Telegram chat.
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DigiCorp Update – April 2022

Dear Metanauts,

As promised, we want to give you a monthly update about DigiCorp, our vision, developments, and where we are at the moment in our journey to a secure, self-sovereign, decentralized Metaverse. It’s time for our April update!

Time passes quickly, but even in these last few weeks, a lot has been happening on so many levels.


We are very positive about the ongoing conversations we’ve been having with various parties in relation to our technology. We are focusing on qualifying potential alliances and partnerships to find mutual benefits, leverage opportunities, form synergies, and explore use-cases, all with the goal of forming a fundamental basis for a roll-out of our solutions that makes use of our technology and the DGMV token. This not only applies to Metaverse projects, but also FinTech projects and Corporate Enterprises, i.e. in e-Health, Government, NGOs, and many others. We have been on a great many calls and have planted a lot of seeds. This period of due diligence is happening in several stages. Once partnerships have been confirmed, we will announce everything and explain the situation further.

Product Development

We are on track with the development of our secure authenticator and password manager (Q2/Q3 –2022). The great distinguishing feature of this authenticator and password manager is that it will be built on the decentralized Quantum Safe Storage (QSS) grid of Threefold, and it will be enhanced with additional features to ultimately become a fully-fledged interoperable Metaverse wallet. Moreover, it will have the support on a corporate level.

We have over five POCs coming up with corporate enterprises, including Liqui Moly APAC. With the right technology stack and architecture we will make our Metaverse wallet interoperable, decentralized, secure, and future proof. The blockchain security is provided by DigiByte and we will add support for more chains in the near future to make the wallet truly interoperable. The DGMV token will of course play an important role in unlocking the license-based features in our wallet app.

Our suite of enterprise solutions, such as the video conferencing tool, secure web browser, and quantum-safe storage, is making progress too. With a focus on the near future, we want to make sure that it is scalable and secure, with the DGMV Authenticator integrated. Alongside this, we are also working on more immersive user Metaverse experiences.
Here, DGMV will be a mandatory token for unlocking license-based features.

Blockchain Development

DigiByte is an important pillar in our technology; a proven, battle-hardened blockchain since 2014, with a great balance between decentralization, speed, and security. The DGB coin is also, without doubt, the most suitable form of payment in the Metaverse.

It is important that the foundation of our technology is strong, stable, and secure. We are therefore very proud of our lead developer, Yoshi Jäger, who has done a great job on the development of the DigiByte blockchain related to the merge of 8.22. He has worked several hundreds of hours to perform functional tests and fix issues with DigiByte Core. This is a significant milestone for DigiByte, and gives DigiCorp the reliability it needs to use the DigiByte blockchain technology in their applications and solutions. It also allows us to develop our layer-2 solution on top of DigiByte later this year, where DGMV token will be used as gas.

DigiCorp attach great importance to inclusiveness and decentralization. The DigiByte Foundation will provide a detailed update soon, but the purpose of our work is to empower the DigiByte ecosystem and its partners, as well as businesses like DigiCorp, the community, developers and other stakeholders.

Enterprise Approach

What sets DigiCorp apart from other projects in this space is our corporate enterprise approach. This means that we are not only able to open up our business network to our technology, but that we are also able to ensure continuity and offer professional advice, consultancy, and support. Thanks to our team of highly experienced IT and data enterprise professionals, we can lay the foundation for professional development, deployment, and integration in a corporate enterprise environment.

In doing this, we can really drive the adoption of our decentralized technology in day-to-day solutions for consumers and customers. We can also announce that we have hired a technology consultant and solutions architect, who will help us to deliver and execute the implementation of our solutions.
We are convinced that by focusing on corporate enterprises, they will embed and embrace this technology for the new paradigm shift to more decentralized solutions, which will ultimately be transferred to consumer advantages.

Community Involvement

It is important to understand the different approach that we as a corporate team are taking. Our project is quite unlike any other project, and expectations from people in crypto space are far removed from people in a corporate environment.

This means that with regards to marketing and communication in particular, there is a balancing act to maintain. On the one hand, we are trying to be as transparent as possible and will get the community involved as much as we can. On the other hand, we are bound by expectations in businesses when taking into account the agreements and NDAs we have signed.

We always have emphasized from the start that we are a project with a focus on the longer term.
Without doubt, the success of our business, our products, and solutions will lead to a sharp increase in demand for the DGMV token, which will also eventually benefit our crypto community.

In June, we will be holding our first quarterly AMA, with team members from different disciplines answering your questions as best they can.

Meanwhile you can help us by spreading the word. Share our articles across social media, and tag and mention our profile.


Quantum Safe File Systems: The Here and Now of Data Security

With quantum computing on the horizon, the threat to data security is growing by the minute. As it exists in its current form, cryptography won’t be enough to protect individual or business data from a cryptanalytic attack by a quantum computer. The algorithms just won’t stand up.

Worse still, the amount of data that needs protecting is set to skyrocket in the next decade. By 2025, it is predicted that global data will grow to 163ZB, 10 times the amount stored in 2016. We need to act now, before the task becomes unfathomably huge.

Put simply, quantum problems require quantum solutions. This is why quantum-secure storage can meet the dual challenges of managing exponential growth in storage requirements and compliance

Centralization Is a Risk

At the moment, the world runs on centralized data storage systems, reduced to a few monopolizing companies. Currently, there are relatively few options for data storage, and the most-used databases are enormous.

The problem with a centralized storage system is that one single security breach, virus, or hack could jeopardize the entire database.

That risk could run to millions, even billions of pieces of data.

But data centralization isn’t just risky; it’s also unfair. While it was highly effective as an initial solution, it too often results in the unfair distribution of assets and resources. Terms and conditions associated with the systems protect the data giants, not the individuals or small businesses.
Meanwhile, the users of these centralized data systems have no choice but to accept the conditions or be prohibited from participation.

What is more, third parties engage in fierce competition to keep their data customers within their own ‘walled gardens,’ so interoperability is neither profitable nor beneficial to these providers.

Customers can be forced to join and identify themselves in multiple communities and in doing so, often lose control of their data.

Quantum Computing Will Cause Security Issues

The next major development in technology is quantum computing, and it is going to be a major security headache unless we make plans now.

The fact of the matter is that most of the popular public-key algorithms currently used to encrypt data can easily be broken. In fact, most of our security algorithms now rely on one of three mathematical problems, all of which are solvable by a quantum computer running just one algorithm.

This means the security systems we have in place now won’t stand up to a quantum attack.

In large part, our individual lives and businesses are built around online systems - commerce, healthcare appointments, communication, and more. And with the Internet of Things growing at a rapid pace, we are now seeing a vast digitization of our human existence.

But with this greater digitization comes greater vulnerability – and greater repercussions if there is a security breach.

Taking Third Parties Out of the Equation

It is time to take back control of our data.

For a time, it was convenient to have our data managed by third parties. The systems they put in place allowed our online lives to thrive. Businesses grew and communication was transformed totally.

But with quantum computing bringing these new threats and risks, the situation has changed. Now, we must remove third-party data management completely and instead put data in a decentralized, pioneering new community-driven metaverse guarded by quantum-safe algorithms. And the good news is that by doing so, we can achieve a level of online security that third parties have never attained.

But how?

First, today’s data management systems often mean that individuals lose control of their data.

Taking third parties out of data management gives people and businesses self-sovereignty. With decentralized, sovereign IDs, we can all have a safe on/off ramp to the metaverse that keeps each of us fully in control of our own data.

Second, security is obviously going to be a huge benefit. By moving data storage to quantum-safe file systems in a decentralized, trustless network, we will have the double benefits of protection from quantum attack and the guarantee that our data can’t be corrupted.

And finally, individuals and businesses alike can regain ownership of their own data. DigiCorp’s self-sovereign digital asset wallet allows consumers and organizations to manage all their own digital assets and personal data in all forms and formats directly. No more third parties: full control.

Future Proof Your Data Now

Although quantum computers do not yet have the processing power to break any tough cryptographic algorithms, it will not be long before they start to appear.

In July last year, Chinese researchers claimed to have developed the fastest quantum computer to date. To prove its speed, researchers from the Zuchongzhi project completed a calculation that would take a normal supercomputer eight years to do, in little more than an hour.

Academics and industry leaders around the world are starting to prepare for a time when quantum computing manifests itself as not only the new normal, but as the greatest threat to data security.

Businesses and individuals need to get ahead of the game before it is too late. Even the world’s largest enterprises aren’t safe. Facebook alone has seen over a billion users affected by data breaches. And in April 2020, hackers stole and put up for sale 500,000 Zoom passwords.

These are breaches that were made with the ordinary computers of today. But once quantum computers have the power to break existing security algorithms, the fight will be lost.

It is critical that we move to a safe, secure data storage model right now. But there is some good news. In DigiThree and DigiLife, the technology already exists for businesses and individuals, respectively. With these solutions, the exponential growth in both data storage requirements and compliance reporting can be met, with secure data that drives both global business operations and individual lives.

DigiThree eliminates data storage-related security risks and threats with reliable, sustainable, easy-to-integrate solutions. And as the name suggests, it’s a three-pronged attack:

  1. Quantum secure storage: simple enterprise and user-level storage and file sharing;
  2. Backup data and data archiving: secure and controlled to streamline operations; and
  3. Secure log storage: monitored and defended log file storage and archives.

Meanwhile, DigiLife will establish a secure ecosystem for consumers, including NFT transactions, full
Metaverse SID integration, and the launch of digital assets that integrate with Metaverse wallets.

The message is clear. Whether you are a business or an individual, it is time to protect your data.

How to join the Discord event on March 25th 3PM UTC

The Metaverse Economy - Where consumers & brands meet, presented by DigiCorp Labs & MyMoonboots

Steps to join your first Discord event:

Step 1:
Click on the event link, which will take you to the screen below. When you arrive here, please click on accept the invite

Step 2:

Step 3:
Once your account is set up, click on the option at the bottom to join a server

Step 4: 

You will be asked for the invite link, please add this link to join server, https://discord.gg/xMTNDfH4Gr

Step 5:
Once joined the MyMoonBoots server, you will receive an email, please verify your email & click on link to verify email

Step 6:
Scroll down & click on the green tick button to accept the rules & verify your email

Step 7:

You’re now in the MyMoonBoots server, on the top left column, you’ll see 2 events. Click this which will then you’ll see a pop-up screen

Final Step:
On the pop up screen, click on interested. At the time of the event or before, click on the MoonBoots stage to join the event. Look forward to seeing you all there.

DigiCorp Update - March 2022

Dear Metanauts,

First of all, we would like to thank each and everyone of you for your trust, support, and faith in our company and project.
We value our community highly and know that we are stronger together.

Now the dust has begun to settle following our ICO, we think the time has come to give you a solid update and be as transparent as possible about our product development, the token, exchange listings, and our medium- and long-term goals.

As with every great journey, new obstacles and challenges appear every day. We have presented our initial roadmap in the whitepaper, but this will need some adjustments in terms of the timelines, due to the final result of the raise.

The raise was less than we anticipated, so we cannot do everything at the same time; we need to refocus in order to be successful. Therefore, some of our objectives will take longer to accomplish.

But we do have a plan and are able to present our next steps towards our final goals. We are able to start developing the Smart Layer and the basic fundamentals of the technology. We can work on the development of the tools that are required in a decentralized Metaverse to create a secure private, self-sovereign, and quantum-safe environment for consumers, brands, and enterprises.

Our Metaverse Product Development and Goals

We have outlined the products that are currently under development in the diagram below. The products marked in blue are the first ones we will bring to market.

1.  Home & Office Metaverse Suite with data and communication tools

2. Blockchain Development

As well as consumer & enterprise solutions, DigiCorp will invest in the development of blockchain layer-1 and layer-2 solutions. This will help us ensure that our solutions, wallet, and the underlying technology is stable, secure, and interoperable with solidity-based smart contracts, and can interact with different protocols to exchange information and digital assets in a secure, private, and trustless manner.

Our developers will continue to work on the DigiByte blockchain core protocol and our marketing will promote DigiByte technology in the corporate world.

DigiByte technology is a crucial pillar for a decentralized Metaverse and it is our belief that DGB is the currency of the Metaverse, where DGMV is the utility token in the DigiMetaverse.

We are also working on educational content for several platforms, on which developers and decentralized communities can contribute, learn, and share information.

Go Forth and Prosper

Let’s take a closer look at the product we will be delivering first: the Identity Suite.

Any online environment, solution, or application always starts with identifying yourself. We all know that our personal data isn’t always safe, and is often used for monetization purposes. Put simply, we have become a product.

This needs to be changed. We need to be able to enter any environment or application in the most secure way, without sharing any additional data that isn’t required. As soon as we’re in a specific online environment, we should be in full control and able to decide whatever information we want to share - and with whom.

To enable this, DigiCorp is developing an identity suite with products and tools. We will use trustless infrastructures like blockchain technology and a decentralized quantum-safe grid to ensure further transparency and security by eliminating the middleman and eradicating dependency on third-party security measures and authorities.

- DGMV Authenticator (e.t.a. Q2/Q3-2022)

This is a secure authenticator, using blockchain wallet technology to enter websites or applications. It can even be used for access control.

DigiCorp’s trailblazing Secure Authenticator uses DigiByte’s Digi-ID blockchain wallet technology. DGMV secure authenticator ensures that all risks and inconveniences that are present in current solutions can be avoided.

The secure authenticator automatically creates and stores very complicated passwords, so there is no need for you to remember them. It creates a different password string for every different platform, meaning that if a system is compromised, the obtained data (username & password) are worthless to a hacker.
Without your physical device containing the authenticator app, nobody can access your account on any platform.

By using DGMV secure authenticator, companies and consumers can be assured that:

- DGMV Password (e.t.a. Q2/Q3-2022)

DGMV Password is a ‘passwordless’ password manager that uses the DGMV Secure Authenticator (see description above) together with a desktop browser extension to manage and autofill username, passwords, and 2FA on existing websites.

It solves all the problems that we have with passwords and existing password managers today.

Challenges with passwords in general:

What most people still do today:
Because of these challenges, most people create passwords that are either:

a) Too simple
b) Easy to guess
Or they use the same username & password for different sites.

The risk of doing this is that if a site is compromised because of a lack of security, usernames and passwords can be obtained and traded on the dark web. Hackers will then try to use these usernames and passwords on different platforms to get access to your personal accounts.

Current password managers:
There are several password managers that automatically create different passwords so you don’t need to remember them. The problem with these programs is that you still need to create and remember a password to access the password manager itself. If a hacker gained access to the password manager, they would then have access to all your passwords for all your accounts. This means that there is still a risk of one single password getting into the hands of a bad actor.

These password managers also use centralized systems to store your passwords and personal data, and are therefore single points of risk and failure in themselves.

Thirdly, the user experience for many of these programs leaves a lot to be desired.


On the roadmap (H2/2022-2023): A self-sovereign, validated and verifiable identity, integrated within the wallet. A digital identity you own and manage yourself.

- DGMV Metaverse Wallet

On the roadmap (H2/2022-2023): An interoperable Metaverse wallet that will contain the secure authenticator, self-sovereign identity, credentials, and attributes you own and manage, with data that can be shared based on ZKP (Zero-Knowledge Proof).

The following products from the Home & Office Suite will be offered to corporate enterprises first, shortly after the launch of our secure authenticator (H2/2022-H1/2023).
These products will be built on the Threefold grid and include Threefold technology.

The DigiMetaverse Token: DGMV

DGMV is a true utility token by design, based on the ERC-20 standard and issued on the Ethereum mainnet. The DGMV token is one of the first to be fully compliant with one of the best legal frameworks for cryptocurrencies in the world: The Liechtenstein Blockchain Act.

DGMV unlocks access to a portfolio of enterprise and consumer services and intellectual property in the DigiCorp Metaverse, and will be used as gas in our DGMV Smart Layer.

The circulating supply and initial market cap is low. Only 14% of the tokens were offered for sale, and 33% of the offering was sold, translating to 4.6% of the total supply. Leaving a majority 95.4% in the possession of DigiCorp. Per our legal opinion letter, DGMV is a utility token, not a security. Therefore, DigiCorp is not allowed to offer staking, airdrops, or burn tokens.

We have raised $7.5m USD with our private and public sale. The majority of our assets are held in fiat and stablecoins, so the impact by volatile markets has been kept to a minimum.

Our tokenomics is designed to complement our long-term vision and stimulate real token utility. Those who have invested in our project, believe in what we’re doing and recognize the long-term value. We believe that there will be many future benefits.

Exchange Listings: CEX, DEX

We have heard many of the community ask for more listings. More exchange listings are not always beneficial for a project, particularly in the case of CEX listings. Listing fees vary wildly, and can be up to almost 1M USD.

Most of the time, we then also need to take care of liquidity and market making ourselves.
This all requires quite a lot of financial outlay that could better be used for our business, operations, and product development. We think it is best to focus on our business and products and being recognized by tier-1 exchanges, which will list DGMV without charging exorbitant fees, and will be able to provide solid liquidity themselves.

We also are aware of low trading volumes, but this will grow over time as we prove to be successful. Nevertheless, we have decided to go for a cost-effective option for retail investors by creating a bridge to Binance Smart Chain. We will be opening a pool on Pancake Swap very soon.
The current developments in the world and the global economy aren’t helping the rather poor overall market conditions, but we are confident that these will resolve eventually.

Our Long-Term Vision

It is important to understand that DigiCorp Labs is in this for the long run. We are one of the first projects with the ability to connect blockchain and crypto to the commercial enterprise world. We want to create a better and more secure online environment; one that is available to everyone in the world.

The world will become more immersive, and the Metaverse requires trustless technologies. DigiCorp recognizes that there is a paradigm shift to decentralized technologies and is at the forefront of offering alternatives to those who want to have a choice and be in control of their own identity and data.

We are convinced that we’re in the right place at the right time.

Due to our focus on corporate enterprise, we are not always able to go into detail about what we have been doing or what we have accomplished, but if we are able to announce partnerships or Proof-of-Concept, we will definitely do so.

We are trailblazers: we’re not doing this because it’s easy, but because it’s needed.

You can help us by spreading the word. Share our articles across social media, and tag and mention our profile.


Take Control of Your Data With Self-Sovereign Identity

Digital Governance Is Becoming a Major Challenge

In 2013, Yahoo’s now infamous data breach affected a billion users. In 2018, 530 million Facebook users had their privacy compromised in what is now referred to as the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Wherever you look, the world’s largest tech companies are putting your data at risk. And the current state of online security is such that users are now even more vulnerable to having their data stolen and exploited as we enter the quantum computing era. All this is happening, but still users don’t actually have access to or control over their own data.

One of the major problems with the existing environment is that the user has become the product. Data harvesting is a lucrative industry and huge tech monopolies do not have the incentive to fix the leaks in their systems. Data storage currently relies on legacy technology and infrastructure, which is vulnerable to hacks, leaks, and exploitation.

But what if this wasn’t inevitable? What if we could change the way the internet works and give users control of their own data? What if enterprise clients had the tools they need to ensure their data and all their communications were secure?

We are in the midst of an internet revolution. And amongst this, DigiCorp has emerged as an innovator that will revolutionize the way data management and control works through the Metaverse. The Metaverse provides an almost limitless playground and a completely open opportunity for innovation by removing the walled gardens that centralized technology giants have been allowed to put up. But to harness its power, we need to address security risks right now.

A Simpler, More Effective Solution

DigiCorp has taken stock of the current data security environment and found new solutions to the security problems of today. As the modern monopolies were the only ones who could afford massive storage solutions, all our data became centralized and siloed, therefore easy to find and exploit. But by taking a blockchain supported, decentralized approach, DigiCorp avoids the traps of the larger online companies.

Their approach is completely self-governing, allowing us all to connect in a way that doesn’t compromise on security. By utilizing blockchain, cryptography, and quantum secure enterprise applications, DigiCorp opens up a whole new internet.

On the corporate side, DigiThree can help business owners avoid and eliminate security risks and breaches through quantum-secure file storage. Meanwhile, secure P2P video conferencing eliminates the need for third-party providers that don’t always consider your privacy a priority.

For individual users, DigiLife has been specially designed to allow the management of NFTs and other digital assets securely. Through this, individuals can financially benefit from their own data themselves – not the huge monopolies.

By demystifying blockchain for enterprise, DigiCorp is giving users a toolkit of quantum safe B2B, B2C, and C2C solutions that allow both individuals and businesses to enter the Metaverse securely. This will give everyone the chance to reengage with the internet in the way it was intended, with a focus on individuality, innovation, and equality.

Providing Privacy By Design

In the current landscape, privacy breaches are shockingly commonplace. Add to our earlier examples the fact that Alibaba has had user data breaches totaling 1.1 billion pieces, while LinkedIn has seen 700 million users affected by its breaches. But companies are still treating privacy as a second thought, an add-on after every other aspect of their business has been carefully considered.

DigiCorp takes a privacy first approach. Your data belongs to you and you should be the one who determines what happens to it. Security and privacy also a moral and legal minefield for businesses. Facebook had to pay out $5 billion after their 2019 breach as they had deceived their users about their ability to keep their data safe.

DigiCorp’s technology puts privacy, trust, and security at the forefront. It is baked into the design rather than installed as afterthought, which gives users the peace of mind and assurance that they have full, sovereign ownership of their own information.

Self-Sovereign Identity Gives You Power Over Your Data

It is vital for businesses and their individual customers to be able to protect their data as well as their own online and brand identities. DigiCorp’s unique Metaverse offers secure, value-driven solutions that empower a shift from the status quo and into the decentralized future.

DigiCorp is passionate about ensuring people are able to control their own data the way they want to. Whether you’re a business owner or simply looking to move away from the current market dominators, protecting your data is becoming increasingly important. You can be a part of the reliable, trustworthy, decentralized new way of guaranteeing your security. But the time to do it is now – not tomorrow.

Ending ICO - listing

Dear Metanauts,

First of all, thanks a lot for being part of this decentralized movement. The awareness that we need to be in control of our personal data and identity without relying and depending on third parties, and other single point of failures, is a necessity to enforce this paradigm shift.

We are very pleased with the progress that we as company and team are making, together with the community we have built so far organically.
With the end of the ICO in sight, and with our upcoming listings, we’re excited to announce that we are very satisfied with the proceeds of the ICO. After a head start in the private- and public sales, the market sentiment turned in a direction that was not in our advantage, but nevertheless we have raised enough to be able to now focus on the business and execute our long terms plans.

We’re very proud to be able to announce that we have established and secured our treasury management to make sure we can continue to build for the future.
We’ll stay grounded and will utilize and manage our treasury wisely to contribute towards business development, outreach and marketing to realize real world adoption. Our tokenomics, the vesting schedules and listing strategy are focused on the longer term.
Our main focus now is to start becoming a solid, healthy organization, delivering high quality solutions that are very much wanted and needed for the Metaverse, and we want to make sure that we will be able to further onboard more partners and customers.

It is amazing how strong our community has become and that’s also a reason that motivates us to continue to develop, to build, and above all to deliver and execute.
We have not started this project for the short term. We will continuously developing and improving in what should be the best alternatives for centralized solutions.In a decentralized environment we need each other. We’re stronger together. You can be part of this movement and support us by showing everyone that we’re here together for a people centric metaverse. Let’s build and share the future together!

In our physical lives we do our best, every day, to take care of ourselves and make sure we are safe and protected from fraudsters. We value and treasure our privacy and freedom.
Our digital lives are becoming more and more important, and we need to take much better care of it. That’s only possible if the technical tools for this are available to us, without changing our convenience. Companies should have a leading role in this, especially when asking for your personal data. They are supposed to respect our privacy and ensure our safety. Despite the good intentions, history has proven that they are not able to take the right measures and some are even carelessly handling our data. Therefore we cannot rely on third parties using inappropriate technology and solutions. We need to offer trustless systems where we own and control our data and identity.There is where DigiCorp comes in. Creating the technology and tools for enterprises and consumers based on a trustless environment, with no third party involvement.

See you in the decentralized Metaverse!

How Enterprises Can Benefit From a Trustless Decentralized Network

The last few years have seen both massive growth in data stored online, and a worrying trend of data centralization and control. Global businesses have evolved to rely on digital systems, but these traditional internet-based solutions now pose a huge security risk as we enter the era of the Metaverse. But zero-trust, decentralized networks can give enterprises a reliable, pioneering, and intuitive solution to today’s data security challenges. These solutions aren’t for the future: they’re for right now.

Workplace Locations Are Less Important

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic sent office workers home around the globe, we had been seeing a shift to online workplaces. All around the world, people work from kitchens, home offices, bedrooms, or coffee shops.

Flexible working, digitization, and online workplaces facilitate this way of living, and the knock-on effect is that employers have the chance to hire the best staff, regardless of where they live.

In the UK, before the pandemic, 1.54 million people worked from home for their main job. Ten years ago, that figure was just 884,000. And in the US, remote working rose by 173% between 2005 and 2018.

In fact, more than half of all companies worldwide have some capacity for remote working.

But the convenience isn’t all on the business side. A lot of remote workers say they are more productive at home than they are in the office. Working from home can make employees feel more empowered, more in control of their destiny, and better able to achieve a good work-life balance.

And one survey by Global Workplace Analytics found that businesses would save an average of $11,000 per year per half-time telecommuter.

The Issue of Providing Access From Multiple Locations

But while remote working can be great for employees and businesses alike, more than half of IT professionals think remote workers are a greater security risk than those in centralized offices.

Remote workers need access to data, but there are a lot of potential risk points, like accessing data through unsafe WiFi networks, using personal devices for work, or using unapproved software for file sharing.

Identity systems that are no longer fit for purpose are still being used, and third-party service providers add further security risks to the equation.

Every global business today relies on processes built in the digital world. This has brought amazing benefits, but today’s internet is dominated by global technology mega-players who control the vast majority of data storage and computing power.

As a result, data storage has become highly centralized and siloed, which brings with it single points of failure and a lack of interoperability.

The risks to businesses from this centralization of the internet are huge. Over the last few years, there have been some massive data breaches and misuse of data. LinkedIn and Facebook have seen 700 million and 533 million users affected by their own data breaches, respectively. And in April 2020, hackers stole and put up for sale 500,000 Zoom passwords.

But it’s not just data that is at risk. A DDoS attack could destroy an entire business by preventing remote workers from accessing services over the internet.

So, here’s the challenge: Businesses working remotely need employees to have secure access to data. Without it, they can’t do their jobs.

Secure Control with Zero-Trust Networks

We need a solution to give control back to businesses and eliminate security threats, making the most of decentralized technology.

Blockchain can remove the data monopolies and single points of failure that occur in centralized systems.

At its core, blockchain is a trustless network and by removing the need to trust third parties, enterprises can achieve new levels of confidence. Rather than placing blind trust in data controllers, every single transaction can be verified and confirmed on a decentralized network.

A trustless network operates on the ‘never trust, always verify’ principle. It assumes that no device, no connection is inherently trustworthy. It puts the power for secure control in the hands of the businesses themselves, empowering the very people who use it.

This is exactly what DigiCorp is offering with its DigiThree project: Zero-trust networks in tandem with quantum-secure apps that will radically change the data security environment for enterprises worldwide.

DigiThree offers secure, encrypted, decentralized P2P video conferencing with no need for third-party providers.

Their quantum-secure solutions for storage and file sharing are designed to integrate seamlessly and eliminate security risks. And on top of that, robust, reliable, high-speed-encryption web browsing will safeguard businesses.

The final bonus is passwordless login. Without a password, there are no extra details that could potentially be stolen.

DigiCorp has removed the main single points of failure and by doing so, it can deliver world-class digital and physical security in the Metaverse.

Better Security Means a Wider Talent Pool

Remote working is here to stay.

But as an enterprise leader, if you don’t have to worry about where your workers are based; whether they can afford to live in your city; or even whether their home internet connection is safe - then you have access to the best of the best.

But to make the most of this global talent pool, you need data security you can really trust.

This means it is time for enterprises to make the most of decentralized, zero-trust networks.

DigiCorp provides enterprise clients with the tools they need to secure sensitive data and data communication, so that businesses can finally make the most of global talent. That means any worker, wherever they are in the world.

Enterprise leaders can now be confident in giving their workers access to the Metaverse with DigiCorp’s safe on/off ramp through decentralized sovereign IDs.

Businesses will be empowered to hire the cream of the crop without needing to worry about data breaches, points of failure, or access issues.

It’s time to give the power back to these businesses.

Meeting Corporate Sustainability Targets

We have less than thirty years to reach global net zero carbon emissions. It is a huge goal, but it is not yet out of reach.

For example, printer company Xerox calculated that it saved 92 million miles of driving in 2020 by allowing its employees to work remotely. That’s almost 4,100 metric tons of carbon emissions saved through cutting right back on commuting.

Secure P2P conferencing and safe data sharing mean companies can employ remote workers with confidence and vastly reduce their carbon emissions. There’s no risk of Zoom-bombing, and the planet wins.

DigiCorp has partnered with revolutionary decentralized provider ThreeFold for a planet positive, community-driven, people-centered internet.

And there’s the connection. Better security means better access to global talent, therefore fewer miles commuting to the office. Ultimately, this benefits businesses in terms of their workforce, their security, and their ability to meet those all-important corporate sustainability targets.

But the best thing about it, is that this is all achievable now. DigiCorp is not the future of data security: it’s the present and it’s ready to meet the challenge of the Metaverse.

Are you?

Seizing the Metaverse Opportunity: The Need for an Interoperable Foundation Layer

The Metaverse isn’t one environment; it is a whole host of digital environments. Some of them exist today and some have not even been conceived of yet. What is certain, though, is that the Metaverse represents the future.

To seize the opportunity the Metaverse provides, we need to establish an interoperable foundation layer that will solve the big problems of digital identity, assets, and data through blockchain technology. By doing this, businesses and individuals will truly be able to benefit from Metaverse economies.

DigiCorp Labs will be at the heart of this revolution.

The Importance of Digital Identities, Assets, and Data Control in the Metaverse

When we talk about the significance of digital identities, assets, and data in the Metaverse, we must first understand the situation as it exists today.

Today, 3.2 billion people have some form of ID and a digital trail. This includes everyone from the most tech-savvy millennials living in the most advanced economies, to the smartphone-using farmers working in the most remote parts of the world.

However, almost none of these users control the identity, assets, or data they associate with their digital lives. Instead, it is owned by big tech giants who have extracted personal data by any means necessary and monetized it for their own benefit.

But in the Metaverse, individuals control their ID, assets, and data because blockchain technology has unlocked the potential of self-sovereignty. This truth lies at the heart of DigiCorp Labs and their vision for bringing the Metaverse to life through self-sovereign ID-secured services for clearly-segmented users and markets.

A Metaverse-Ready Identity Solution to Connect Current Platforms

This all matters because ID services are not fit for purpose as they exist today. Rather, they are built on attestations from centralized databases that are controlled by third-parties. And in this set-up, there is a clear history of failing to store important personal information securely.

There are so many examples to back up this claim, but one of the most damning bits of recent news came in 2017, when leading credit bureau Equifax announced a data breach had exposed the personal information of 147 million Americans.

Unfortunately, this is far from an isolated situation, which is why DigiCorp is building their core business units for enterprise and consumers, all based on self-sovereign identity for connecting with the Metaverse.

For enterprise, DigiThree will deliver quantum-secure solutions to help businesses streamline their digital transformations, with the launch of their ID-secure integrated authentication scheduled for 2022.

For consumers, DigiLife will establish a secure ecosystem for brand- and consumer-controlled interactions and NFT transactions. This includes a complete Metaverse SID integration and the launch of the Metaverse wallet-integrated SID and digital assets, both scheduled for 2022.

Protecting Businesses and Individuals in the Metaverse

All this potential relies on the transformational technology that is blockchain. However, blockchain needs to be demystified if it is really going to benefit businesses and individuals.

To protect everyone in the Metaverse, we need decentralized, user-friendly applications that eliminate security threats and create innovative digital experiences for all. Data control is imperative if we are to enable self-sovereign-secured technology that respects privacy and can form the foundation of a range of services, applications, solutions, and enhancements.

With these protections in place, brands, businesses, and individuals can all interact using secure Metaverse-wallets to exchange and store digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

DigiCorp’s core businesses are designed to support this progress, with quantum-secure enterprise solutions made possible by DigiThree, as well as brand- and consumer-controlled interactions enabled by DigiLife.

Avatars in Metaverse Economies

Enabling all this innovation in the Metaverse is at the heart of what DigiCorp Labs does. But what does this look like in the here and now?

To understand this, we need to be clear about what the Metaverse is today. For that, we can turn to Raoul Pal, CEO & Co-Founder of Real Vision Group & Global Macro Investor, who described the Metaverse on the Bankless podcast as follows:

“The metaverse is where we live a larger percentage of our life in the digital world than we do in the physical world.”

Pal went on to explain that this includes augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D, and 2D. Crucially, he made the point that we are operating in the Metaverse right now. If you aren’t ready to believe this yet, just look at the pace at which online gaming continues to grow or the prices that people are paying for NFTs today.

These unique digital assets are the true status symbols of the Metaverse. They are also just the starting point for how we will all concern ourselves with our online avatars in future, paying to constantly customize our online personas and build the avatar economy as we do so.

This might sound like something that will exist in the distant future, but this is not the case. DigiLife is building this vision now, with their strategic Metaverse partnership avatar project set to launch this year and their avatar Metaverse platform project set for 2023.

The Metaverse is here and its development is moving quickly. The time to join is today, not several years down the line. And the knowledge that you can do so securely with DigiCorp’s unique approach to security represents the breaking down of the final barrier to entry.

DigiByte: Creating a Sustainable Learning Platform for the Blockchain of the Metaverse

Blockchain technology has huge potential for businesses and individuals alike and will play a crucial role in the digital world of the future. And with the expansion of the Metaverse and its involvement in our everyday lives, it is even more vital. But the uptake of blockchain does not currently match its growth. So, why have so few global enterprises and developers embraced the technology, even though it provides transformational change?

The answer lies in the core understanding – or lack thereof – in the general population. It is clear that we need a sustainable learning platform for the blockchain of the Metaverse. As a blockchain-agnostic company, DigiCorp is committed to provide closing the knowledge gap with DigiByte. And the potential is there for this to become the key foundation for the Metaverse.

Creating a High Availability Developer Toolchain

A high availability developer toolchain matters because it is the key enabler for the endless possibilities of the Metaverse, and the endless promise to businesses and individuals. It is also very clear how blockchain development has been hampered up to this point because of this lack of availability.

Essentially, a toolchain of this kind needs to provide developers with continuous uptime and operational capabilities so they can get on with building the applications of the future. It also needs to remove single points of failure, so downtime is limited and high availability remains the norm upon which developers can rely.

DigiWare provides the core business unit within DigiCorp Labs for this purpose. The team is building the foundational blockchain tools required to deliver quantum-secure, value-driven solutions. This involves collaborating with their partner, Threefold, as well as maintaining a close working relationship with the DigiByte ecosystem. It is through the latter collaboration that DigiWare is working to deliver a Developer Toolchain with high availability APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in 2023.

Creating a Developer Experience Pipeline

By creating a high availability toolchain, DigiByte provides developers with the technical framework to work with. However, this needs to be complemented by a best-in-class developer experience in order to really fulfil the potential that blockchain can bring to the Metaverse.

Establishing a great developer experience is essentially about getting two things right. First, more developers need to be educated about the benefits of blockchain. This education needs to provide them with the core skills they need to open up the Metaverse to everyone. Second, it needs to be simple to build the quantum-secure applications of the future, so they are easy to deploy and highly secure.

DigiAcademy is where this process begins. The platform will attract and train developers through live streaming, industry leading content, and collaborative tutoring. Then, these developers will be enabled through DigiWare toolkits, which provide DigiByte technology integration and facilitation.

All of this will culminate in DigiWare delivering the Developer Experience Pipeline in 2023, which is a major component of taking DigiByte’s development to the next level.

How to Take DGB Development to the Next Level

It is important to remember that the very nature of decentralized blockchain networks means businesses can benefit from open innovation and collaboration with the developer communities that sit at the heart of blockchain technology’s uniqueness.

In the case of the DigiByte blockchain and the community that surrounds it, this provides some key benefits for opening up the Metaverse - both now and in the future.

DigiByte launched in 2014 and has been developed ever since, making it one of the most long-standing Proof-of-Work blockchains in existence. It is fast, highly secure, and decentralized in its architecture. But what is most crucial for a Metaverse-centric future is that it provides smart contract capability and prioritizes a low fee structure for transactions.

This is the key reason that DigiWare is focused on providing DigiByte technology integrations and facilitation. These collaborative endeavors, as well as the DigiByte and Threefold partnerships, will allow DigiCorp to provide APIs and ultimately develop the role of the DigiByte DBG token in the Metaverse.

Making DGB the Currency of the Metaverse

The economies of the Metaverse could be greater than the entire global GDP as it exists today. This might sound difficult to comprehend but it is the truth, and it represents the journey that DigiCorp Labs and its core business units are taking into the future.

Theirs is a vision that involves Metaverse payments mirroring everything in the real world plus much more. From status symbols to life savings, Metaverse payments will include NFTs, digital assets, and many more interactions that are yet to be devised.

Using DGB in this environment makes complete sense. It provides fast transactional performance, a low fee structure, and decentralization. This final point is key, as so many of the newer, much-talked about blockchain networks are highly centralized, meaning they are ultimately not very different from what we rely on today.

Plus, companies are already accepting DGB for payments and this will only grow as the Metaverse expands and the need for an appropriate payment method increases.

DigiCorp Labs will enable this expansion, providing the key digital validation and verification required to provide businesses and individuals with the confidence they need to interact and exchange value.

DigiCorp Labs is on a pathway that will bolster the present and shape the future. Their role is key in moving towards Metaverse economies outpacing those of the world that exists today.