May 10, 2024

Community Update: April Highlights and Developments!

Greetings Metanaut(s)! We hope you had a fantastic April! As we move into May, we wanted to take a moment to update you on what’s been happening. In addition to...

Greetings Metanaut(s)!

We hope you had a fantastic April! As we move into May, we wanted to take a moment to update you on what’s been happening. In addition to our participation in two vibrant, industry-critical events, we've also been making significant strides in team expansion and product development. We’re excited to share some of April’s most exciting updates with you, so read on to discover your monthly dose of behind the scenes action from the DCL team!

Our team grows
First up, we were thrilled to welcome Francisco as the fourth member of our in-house development team in April. He joins as a dedicated CI/CD specialist, and will help us automate our development process, ensuring smoother workflows and faster releases.
With Francisco's addition, our core team now comprises 6 individuals, in addition to our active consultants and advisors.

Big product news
We’ve also made significant progress with our identity access management solution, particularly with DGMV-IAM, our identity server. We've implemented recent feedback to enhance features and ensure the product is better suited for its intended purpose.

DGMV-IAM is built completely in-house, which makes it based on our own intellectual property. It forms a central pillar for all future DigiThree services – integrating seamlessly with existing security infrastructures like Active Directory and Okta.

Last week, it paired with DGMV-Secure Meets, offering 100% private access through our secure IAM service and cryptographic ID within the mobile app. These advancements are set to substantially bolster our sales endeavours. With the committed backing from our sales team, DGMV-Secure Meets, along with DGMV-Edge Box, is currently a top priority in our sales discussions.

Next-level tech, loading…
Promising times await as our newly expanded development team prepares to elevate our smart layer technology to the next level. This technology, previously demonstrated to large enterprises, is poised to transition from proof of concept to productization, thereby creating a blockchain-based non-fungible data proofing solution. This solution will empower users to demonstrate ownership, track changes, monitor locations, and validate various critical data points.

One big thank you
Finally, we want to say a huge thank you to our development team, who have shown the incredible dedication required to push more than 40 commits to the main branch, with over 100 across all branches. That means we’ve improved 37 key files, with hundreds of additions and deletions all in service of enhancing our products.

The future looks bright, and we’re looking forward to share more progress with you as it happens! Stay tuned for more updates heading your way soon, as well as details of our next AMA session in May.

Until next time – over and out!

Article written by DigiCorp Labs