Engage the community

We believe in a future that’s owned, shared and built by all – a place where everyone can access the knowledge and infrastructure needed to benefit from the metaverse.

To make that happen, we’re investing in DigiWare and DigiAcademy, two community-enabled services here to equip today’s generation for tomorrow’s transformation.


Connecting the entire DigiCorp ecosystem to the DigiByte blockchain with a range of high-availability tools for core development and application development and seamless integration. These include a wallet and DigiMetaverse Smart Layer, and are designed to help developers support our ecosystem and implement our trailblazing services.

DigiMetaverse Smart Layer

A robust, detached layer built on top of the DigiByte blockchain, the DigiMetaverse Smart Layer can be programmed with a solidity-based language to create complex smart contracts and provide compatibility and easy migration for those developed on Ethereum. Using DigiByte’s secure proof-of-work network as a settlement layer also ensures cost-effectiveness and decentralization.


Jump onto our online training platform to watch live-streamed classes, access training materials, share information and collaborate with some of the most prominent institutions in the blockchain space. Learn & share information about the development of DigiByte blockchain core protocol, the DigiMetaverse Smart Layer, Smart Contracts, Solutions & Applications and more.