Trailblazers at heart

We see how digital lives are becoming more significant, and we’re acting now – bring this opportunity for freedom and security to life for the people who need it most.

Our three elements – DigiThree, DigiLife and DigiWare & DigiAcademy – allow us to focus on the diverse needs of enterprises, consumers and developers, bringing bespoke solutions designed to protect and elevate each audience into the digital future.
Among our core team and advisors are some of the pioneers of DigiByte and ThreeFold – open source technologies that form a founding layer of the DigiCorp services.

Our partnership with ThreeFold and use of DigiByte blockchain technology means we can draw on expertise, support and advice from developers within the ThreeFold and DigiByte communities – so you can always count on services backed by industry-leading insight.



meet the digicorp team

Bright minds, big thinkers


Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Co-Founder DigiCorp Labs
Digicorp Team
Digicorp Team

Jozua is a seasoned leader with a proven track record of sales within the tech industry. He is highly qualified to lead DigiCorp to deliver the secure solutions of the future.


Chief Metaverse Officer, Co-Founder DigiCorp Labs
Digicorp Team
Digicorp Team

With a media and publishing background focused on growth and product innovation, Chantal brings a focus to deliver brand-centric business solutions utilizing NFTs and digital assets.


Acting Chief Technology Officer (CTO) DigiThree, Co-Founder DigiThree
Digicorp Team
Digicorp Team

A rocket scientist who spent two decades building the internet as we know it and now wants to bring it back to its original concept: by people for people. Co Founder, Threefold Tech NV.


Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), DigiCorp Labs
Digicorp Team
Digicorp Team

With experience across Human Resources, Business Development and IT, Hans applies broad product, partner and sector expertise to mitigate human, data, technology, and security risks.


Acting Chief Operations Officer (COO) DigiThree
Digicorp Team
Digicorp Team

Threefold Tech NV. A wealth of experience in tech startups and corporate OEM's. Specializes in strategic operations and business development with a legacy of matching new innovative technologies with developing market opportunities.


Lead Blockchain & Metaverse Wallet and Smart Layer Developer, DigiCorp Labs
Digicorp Team
Digicorp Team

Ambitious Senior Blockchain Engineer located in Munich, Germany. Long-term experience in C/C++, Mobile- & Web Development (Swift, React-Native), Rustlang and Cryptography.


Chief Data Officer
Digicorp Team
Digicorp Team

Delft electrical engineer who spent his life working on the front-end of technology. Worked as manager or director in electrical engineering, aerospace, communications, consultancy and finally, as CTO for many years at EMC, later Dell EMC. Also active as a director at a datamining company, and an advisor, writer and speaker.


IAM & Decentralized Digital Identity specialist, DigiCorp Labs
Digicorp Team
Digicorp Team

Founder of Antum with a focus on the architecture and implementation of Blockchain-based identities, passwordless authentication, next level password managers that do not need to store passwords.


Lead Expert Enterprise Solutions
Digicorp Team
Digicorp Team

Lead Expert Enterprise Solutions Keimpe has held several positions in Services Delivery and leading (pre)sales roles. He has developed expert insights in IT architectures and gained extensive knowledge of Software Defined Datacenter solutions, including Cloud Design and Infrastructure Optimization.


Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
Digicorp Team
Digicorp Team

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Digicorp Team
Digicorp Team



Digicorp Team
Digicorp Team


Advisory and Ambassador Board

Meet our advisors and ambassadors from distinct domains with years of experience


Barry has over 35 years of Global Leadership with a proven track record of transformation and delivering results. He has held several senior leadership positions at Hitachi, GE, EDS and Digital Equipment, including leading Hitachi Vantara (HDS) as SVP and GM Americas and EMEA.


With previous positions as managing director at ING, Director UBS Investment Bank and Vice President at Société Générale, Chris has 25 years’ banking experience with a focus on debt capital markets. He has held positions in France, the Netherlands, and the UK. He now holds a global management position in debt capital markets at a leading financial institution. Throughout his career, Chris has been a member of various executive committees in the areas of Fixed Income and Portfolio Management, with a specific focus on the syndication of credit for leveraged buy-outs, infrastructure, real-estate, aviation, and global trade.


Jared learned the basics of computer programming and web design at an early age from his mother, a computer scientist charged with maintaining sophisticated nuclear computer systems for the US Government. Jared is the Founder and creator of the DigiByte Blockchain and author of ‘Blockchain 2035’: The Digital DNA of Internet 3.0. He is a visionary entrepreneur and fighter for true decentralization and self-sovereignty.


CEO,, a humanist and motivated serial entrepreneur. Programming since he was 10 years old, he is passionate about helping make the world a better place. For the past years, he has been laying the foundation for a decentralized internet, building the next generation of IT infrastructure. He believes that respect and transparency form the basis for solid business, and that doing good for the world, while providing return for investors, can co-exist.


Monty C. M. Metzger is an internet veteran and acclaimed thought leader on the future of digital. Monty is CEO and Founder at LCX with 23 years in technology as an advisor, venture capital investor, and serial entrepreneur.


Founder and CEO of Grow and its sister companies: Grow Studio, Grow Labs, Grow REIT, and charitable foundation, Grow Strong. A radical creative thinker, thought leader and industry influencer with a passion for accelerating innovation, information and integrity – both in the crypto space and across the world.


Founder & CEO at Master Ventures & PAID Network. Kyle Chassé is a cryptocurrency and blockchain industry veteran and technology entrepreneur. Kyle brings together the best in breed partners to build blockchain infrastructure projects with the intention of bringing legitimacy to the blockchain space.


Managing Partner at Master Ventures. Entrepreneur with a passion for building and funding blockchain infrastructure.


Global development practitioner with more than 25 years of experience in both private and public sectors working with international organizations in Asia, Pacific and Africa. His expertise lies in strategic partnership building to facilitate large-scale programmes for sustainable development.


Jedidiah has 10+ years in private equity and venture capital as both an analyst and a GP. Having created, led and invested in more than 100 tech startups, his wealth of knowledge and experience is more than impressive. He has worn every C level hat imaginable, which enables him to advise companies in every aspect of their business.


Meet our partners

Ready to unlock the Metaverse with us?

Whether you want to know more about our core services, ask a question about the Metaverse or find out how you could benefit from the DigiCorp ecosystem, get in touch today. It all starts with a conversation.

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