December 29, 2023

Resolve and resilience at DigiCorp Labs: 2023 in review

2023 has been full of challenge, change and ultimately, commitment for DigiCorp Labs. Amid a rapidly-changing digital landscape, we overcame barriers through belief and resilience, doubling down on our decentralized...
2023 has been full of challenge, change and ultimately, commitment for DigiCorp Labs. Amid a rapidly-changing digital landscape, we overcame barriers through belief and resilience, doubling down on our decentralized vision, refining our business structure and pivoting to thrive – even in the face of uncertainty.
As 2024 approaches, we're excited to seize new opportunities, grow our product offering and continue to pioneer new solutions for the evolving security market. For now though, let’s take a look at how far we’ve come.

Product innovation

We started the year by celebrating the first anniversary of our listing. February marked 365 days since the $DGMV token was listed – and we couldn’t have been prouder.

That achievement set the tone for much of the year’s efforts, which have been focused on developing and improving our revolutionary product offering. We’ve clarified what our  identity and access management suite, DGMV-ID, has to offer, sharing practical insights around using the password authenticator, password generator, 2FA features and browser extension. In addition to the commercial version designed for enterprises, we extended our outreach to the community. We invited members to participate in our DGMV-ID consumer version early adopter program. This initiative not only facilitated the first testing but also provided a live demonstration of the $DGMV utility in action.

2023 has seen us make strides with two other groundbreaking products, reinforcing our commitment to revolutionizing digital experiences. DGMV-Secure Meets promises the ultimate secure alternative for video conferencing. Complementing this, the DGMV Edge Box emerges as a decentralized, mobile data center, providing seamless connectivity globally.

Additionally, our relentless pursuit of innovation led to the inception of the DGMV-MDM SmartLayer. This revolutionary technology, supporting audit trail creation for the previously mentioned products, also serves as a standalone product for proof-of-concept development.

In tandem with our product innovation, 2023 marked significant milestones for our brand, intellectual property, and trademarks. The successful submission of a trademark application for DGMV underscores its strategic importance. Moreover, both DGMV-ID and the DGMV-MDM SmartLayer are currently patent-pending, further solidifying our commitment to pioneering solutions in the digital realm.

Events and awards

In April, we were selected to represent the Netherlands at the 2023 edition of Hannover Messe. As one of 10 young tech enterprises from our country chosen to take part, we took the opportunity to showcase our decentralized solutions and talk about our vision for the future.

Spring continued with some exciting global presence, as DigiThree took part in the Dutch trade mission to San Francisco’s RSA conference. The trip saw us explore the latest cybersecurity developments, meet the industry’s key players and share insights around this fast-moving tech area – all alongside other Dutch companies, governments and knowledge institutions at the forefront of IT security.

Additionally, we actively participated in the eighth edition of the e-Identity Congress in Amsterdam.

During the Dutch Blockchain Days in June we demonstrated how we provide decentralized technology at the enterprise level.

In September, we spoke at the City Windows Series of Smart Green ASEAN Cities in Banyumas, Indonesia. Our presentation covered how new tools can improve the capacity of cities, and how smart contract modality could enhance efficiency and reduce the risk of human error in implementation and development phases.

As the autumn progressed, we got the news that we were in the running for the Enterprise Solution category at the Dutch Blockchain Awards. It was testament to our continued product innovation to date.

Growth in the face of challenge

Despite the intensifying challenge presented by the ongoing fallout of the LCX hack, our business has grown stronger, more resilient and more independent than ever this year. Decentralization is in our DNA, and that’s called for a brave shift towards alternative products, new solutions and different partners. 

Our core team has changed and grown, with departures making room for an infusion of new blood, energy and commitment. We’re more empowered than ever to trust our instincts, and are on the hunt for new developers and pre-sales consultants.

We’re currently in the product validation and scaling phase of our growth strategy, with plans to open the market for mass Web3 adoption in the years ahead.

Finance and technology 

From our origins amid the covid-19 pandemic, we’ve successfully navigated a bear market, global conflicts, supply chain challenges, and rampant inflation. This prudent fiscal approach has not only allowed us to weather the economic turbulence, but leaves us in a strong position as the crypto market shows signs of a positive shift.

Beyond our core focus on development, we are actively addressing market inquiries on the practical implementation of Web3 technology and security. This includes navigating the evolving landscape of compliance and adapting to emerging cybersecurity threats.

Enter the dragon

As we face into 2024, our core focus remains on product development. DigiThree, our enterprise arm, is ready to go to market with our impressive products – DGMV-ID, DGMV-Secure Meets, DGMV-Edge Box, and DGMV-SmartLayer POC. This launch marks just the beginning, with Q1 deployments slated for key interest areas in the US and Asia.

The journey with the SmartLayer doesn't end here; in the new year, we take a forward-looking approach to constructing a new Layer 1. At the same time, our commitment and dedication to building a strong, growing community and enhancing the $DGMV token ecosystem will stand stronger than ever. 

Our steadfast connection to DGB blockchain technology and $DGB coin endures. In the upcoming year, we eagerly look forward to meaningful collaborations with DGB stakeholders, the broader ecosystem, and welcoming those eager to contribute positively. Additionally, we are open to partnering with other UTXOs, fostering a network that contributes to the continued success of decentralized technologies. 

2024 will see us deliver tooling for the decentralized Web3 revolution – a paradigm shift that’s set to represent independence, self-reliance, and self-responsibility in the face of the global transition from stability to unpredictability.

Looking forward, we expect a year of change and challenge but also strength, courage and good fortune. We’ve shown our ability to thrive through uncertainty, overcome obstacles and succeed against the odds – and we can’t wait to see where the year ahead takes us.

Article written by DigiCorp Labs