Seize the opportunity

DigiLife is a consumer and brand-focused ecosystem, providing a secure, accessible home for your digital assets. With a wallet that integrates seamlessly with the DigiCorp ecosystem, DigiLife is the most reliable way to protect your data, unlock the potential of NFTs – and manage your digital life, assets, authentication and representation, through the metaverse avatar project.

The Solutions

DigiMetaverse non-custodial wallet and self-sovereign identity

Earn, own, issue, design, certify, showcase, send, receive, trade, exchange, and manage your NFTs and digital assets with full control of your data anytime, anywhere.

Access the metaverse securely with a self-sovereign digital asset wallet – your personal key to full identity protection, digital asset management and the full range of DigiCorp services.

Secure ID

Discover a whole new layer of personal security and data integrity, with secure authentication at every touchpoint. Based on DigiByte's Digi-ID technology.

Secure Password

Access the internet seamlessly with a passwordless login designed to maximize security, minimize vulnerability and lessen the lasting consequences of a data breach. Based on DigiByte's Digi-ID technology.