December 30, 2022

Farewell 2022: The year in review from DigiCorp Labs

2022 has been a year of continuous achievement for DigiCorp Labs. It’s been a year of building new technology, of strengthening our organization and enterprise, and of focusing on the...

2022 has been a year of continuous achievement for DigiCorp Labs. It’s been a year of building new technology, of strengthening our organization and enterprise, and of focusing on the future of delivery for our business and potential customers. As the web evolves around us, the need for privacy, security and decentralization is becoming ever greater – and despite the global uncertainty and downturn of most of the markets, our resolve to be a pioneer in this space never falters.

Innovation and improvement

Our primary focus in 2022 was the development of DGMV-ID, our Web3-based, passwordless solution designed to provide next-level security and authentication for user validation and access. This year saw us complete the DGMV-ID product build – which includes an enterprise dashboard, an MDM smart layer – as well as forge multiple partnerships and complete a proof of concept (POC).

During a tumultuous year, our business has thrived thanks to our concentration on progress. Our core developer has improved the DigiByte blockchain – a milestone that gave DigiCorp the reliability needed to use its technology in applications and solutions. The DGMV token was listed in February on LCX, Uniswap and Pancake Swap, following a successful ICO. DGMV is a utility token that unlocks access to a full suite of enterprise and consumer services and intellectual property.

Further product innovation has begun, with a tool that empowers enterprises with P2P video chat. We’ve also started testing our quantum-safe decentralized storage solution for the back-end. Ultimately, the full portfolio will solve security issues by allowing direct, secure communication – a key part of empowering businesses to thrive in the web of the future.

Presence and partnership

Our overall brand presence increased exponentially in 2022. We were proud to be nominated and shortlisted for ‘Most-Exciting Startup’ in the European Metaverse Awards, as well as to receive recognition in the IT and professional press. The year also saw us grow our LinkedIn following, gain notoriety through our Berlin video street campaign, and exhibit at TechEx alongside other industry leaders.

Another exciting step forward came in the form of our partnership with a team within Shell, through which we developed a brand new master data management (MDM) smart layer POC. This innovation is set to provide next-level security for enterprises, helping future-proof the world of MDM with cutting-edge authentication and NFT technologies.

DigiThree developments

This year also saw some unprecedented achievements for DigiThree, the enterprise-focused arm of DigiCorp Labs, which joined us at the European Metaverse Awards in October on the shortlist for ‘Top B2B or Industrial Initiative’. This nomination was a significant milestone for DigiThree, whose core differentiator is its ability to offer real world enterprise use cases and meet the demand for trustless and decentralized technology.

The company also partnered with LCX Exchange to provide another formal POC agreement, with LCX piloting the DGMV Authenticator to secure login procedures and safeguard passwords prior to the product launch.

We also took the first steps for our DigiThree Partner Portal – a key tool in helping our partners and resellers support their end-customers in transition to a web3 environment. This Partner Portal will allow our partners to boost their conversion rates from leads to actual sales of our solutions to the end customer.

Against the backdrop of constant progress and innovation, we brought on board a raft of new talent, expanding the team and acquiring new expertise to extend our capabilities in all areas.

Challenge and change

Although it’s been a year of success and progress, 2022 hasn’t been without its challenges. Unfortunately, we got off to a rocky start, especially due to LCX being struck by a hack in January – right in the middle of our fund raise.

The search for talent has also proven time consuming, especially during a period in which people with the right attitudes and mentalities are few and far between.

When we test decentralized technologies with real use cases – for example, on the Threefold Grid – there are lots of things to consider to make them commercially viable for production in enterprise and other business environments.

On top of that, changing market sentiment and the ongoing FTX situation make the crypto industry a challenging place at times.

Through it all, we doubled down on scalability and support for our operations and innovations, testing off the grid for deployment, partnering with organizations able to provide effective SLAs, and maintaining our enduring focus on building the future through the power of technology.

Future frontiers

The year ahead is set to bring huge potential for growth – as long as we’re smart with our strategies and remain cognizant of the risks and opportunities at play. We anticipate a year of going out to market more than ever – a year of building our pipeline, onboarding new partners and building new alliances to lay the foundations for success.

2023 will also see us execute further POCs, implement token utilities and focus on overall development to strengthen our solutions. Threats to cybersecurity are some of the biggest risks facing businesses and individuals today, and with that in mind, we will continue to refine and progress our products to make them more fit for purpose than ever.

Our corporate enterprise approach for decentralized solutions sets us apart, and will continue to power us towards new frontiers – we will continue to develop our solutions alongside our unique offer of professional advice, consultancy, and support. And as change becomes the one true constant, we will lead the paradigm shift to a truly secure, decentralized future.

Article written by DigiCorp Labs