December 30, 2021

DigiByte: Creating a Sustainable Learning Platform for the Blockchain of the Metaverse

Blockchain technology has huge potential for businesses and individuals alike and will play a crucial role in the digital world of the future. And with the expansion of the Metaverse...

Blockchain technology has huge potential for businesses and individuals alike and will play a crucial role in the digital world of the future. And with the expansion of the Metaverse and its involvement in our everyday lives, it is even more vital. But the uptake of blockchain does not currently match its growth. So, why have so few global enterprises and developers embraced the technology, even though it provides transformational change?

The answer lies in the core understanding – or lack thereof – in the general population. It is clear that we need a sustainable learning platform for the blockchain of the Metaverse. As a blockchain-agnostic company, DigiCorp is committed to provide closing the knowledge gap with DigiByte. And the potential is there for this to become the key foundation for the Metaverse.

Creating a High Availability Developer Toolchain

A high availability developer toolchain matters because it is the key enabler for the endless possibilities of the Metaverse, and the endless promise to businesses and individuals. It is also very clear how blockchain development has been hampered up to this point because of this lack of availability.

Essentially, a toolchain of this kind needs to provide developers with continuous uptime and operational capabilities so they can get on with building the applications of the future. It also needs to remove single points of failure, so downtime is limited and high availability remains the norm upon which developers can rely.

DigiWare provides the core business unit within DigiCorp Labs for this purpose. The team is building the foundational blockchain tools required to deliver quantum-secure, value-driven solutions. This involves collaborating with their partner, Threefold, as well as maintaining a close working relationship with the DigiByte ecosystem. It is through the latter collaboration that DigiWare is working to deliver a Developer Toolchain with high availability APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in 2023.

Creating a Developer Experience Pipeline

By creating a high availability toolchain, DigiByte provides developers with the technical framework to work with. However, this needs to be complemented by a best-in-class developer experience in order to really fulfil the potential that blockchain can bring to the Metaverse.

Establishing a great developer experience is essentially about getting two things right. First, more developers need to be educated about the benefits of blockchain. This education needs to provide them with the core skills they need to open up the Metaverse to everyone. Second, it needs to be simple to build the quantum-secure applications of the future, so they are easy to deploy and highly secure.

DigiAcademy is where this process begins. The platform will attract and train developers through live streaming, industry leading content, and collaborative tutoring. Then, these developers will be enabled through DigiWare toolkits, which provide DigiByte technology integration and facilitation.

All of this will culminate in DigiWare delivering the Developer Experience Pipeline in 2023, which is a major component of taking DigiByte’s development to the next level.

How to Take DGB Development to the Next Level

It is important to remember that the very nature of decentralized blockchain networks means businesses can benefit from open innovation and collaboration with the developer communities that sit at the heart of blockchain technology’s uniqueness.

In the case of the DigiByte blockchain and the community that surrounds it, this provides some key benefits for opening up the Metaverse - both now and in the future.

DigiByte launched in 2014 and has been developed ever since, making it one of the most long-standing Proof-of-Work blockchains in existence. It is fast, highly secure, and decentralized in its architecture. But what is most crucial for a Metaverse-centric future is that it provides smart contract capability and prioritizes a low fee structure for transactions.

This is the key reason that DigiWare is focused on providing DigiByte technology integrations and facilitation. These collaborative endeavors, as well as the DigiByte and Threefold partnerships, will allow DigiCorp to provide APIs and ultimately develop the role of the DigiByte DBG token in the Metaverse.

Making DGB the Currency of the Metaverse

The economies of the Metaverse could be greater than the entire global GDP as it exists today. This might sound difficult to comprehend but it is the truth, and it represents the journey that DigiCorp Labs and its core business units are taking into the future.

Theirs is a vision that involves Metaverse payments mirroring everything in the real world plus much more. From status symbols to life savings, Metaverse payments will include NFTs, digital assets, and many more interactions that are yet to be devised.

Using DGB in this environment makes complete sense. It provides fast transactional performance, a low fee structure, and decentralization. This final point is key, as so many of the newer, much-talked about blockchain networks are highly centralized, meaning they are ultimately not very different from what we rely on today.

Plus, companies are already accepting DGB for payments and this will only grow as the Metaverse expands and the need for an appropriate payment method increases.

DigiCorp Labs will enable this expansion, providing the key digital validation and verification required to provide businesses and individuals with the confidence they need to interact and exchange value.

DigiCorp Labs is on a pathway that will bolster the present and shape the future. Their role is key in moving towards Metaverse economies outpacing those of the world that exists today.

Article written by DigiCorp Labs