April 15, 2022

DigiCorp Update – April 2022

Dear Metanauts, As promised, we want to give you a monthly update about DigiCorp, our vision, developments, and where we are at the moment in our journey to a secure,...

Dear Metanauts,

As promised, we want to give you a monthly update about DigiCorp, our vision, developments, and where we are at the moment in our journey to a secure, self-sovereign, decentralized Metaverse. It’s time for our April update!

Time passes quickly, but even in these last few weeks, a lot has been happening on so many levels.


We are very positive about the ongoing conversations we’ve been having with various parties in relation to our technology. We are focusing on qualifying potential alliances and partnerships to find mutual benefits, leverage opportunities, form synergies, and explore use-cases, all with the goal of forming a fundamental basis for a roll-out of our solutions that makes use of our technology and the DGMV token. This not only applies to Metaverse projects, but also FinTech projects and Corporate Enterprises, i.e. in e-Health, Government, NGOs, and many others. We have been on a great many calls and have planted a lot of seeds. This period of due diligence is happening in several stages. Once partnerships have been confirmed, we will announce everything and explain the situation further.

Product Development

We are on track with the development of our secure authenticator and password manager (Q2/Q3 –2022). The great distinguishing feature of this authenticator and password manager is that it will be built on the decentralized Quantum Safe Storage (QSS) grid of Threefold, and it will be enhanced with additional features to ultimately become a fully-fledged interoperable Metaverse wallet. Moreover, it will have the support on a corporate level.

We have over five POCs coming up with corporate enterprises, including Liqui Moly APAC. With the right technology stack and architecture we will make our Metaverse wallet interoperable, decentralized, secure, and future proof. The blockchain security is provided by DigiByte and we will add support for more chains in the near future to make the wallet truly interoperable. The DGMV token will of course play an important role in unlocking the license-based features in our wallet app.

Our suite of enterprise solutions, such as the video conferencing tool, secure web browser, and quantum-safe storage, is making progress too. With a focus on the near future, we want to make sure that it is scalable and secure, with the DGMV Authenticator integrated. Alongside this, we are also working on more immersive user Metaverse experiences.
Here, DGMV will be a mandatory token for unlocking license-based features.

Blockchain Development

DigiByte is an important pillar in our technology; a proven, battle-hardened blockchain since 2014, with a great balance between decentralization, speed, and security. The DGB coin is also, without doubt, the most suitable form of payment in the Metaverse.

It is important that the foundation of our technology is strong, stable, and secure. We are therefore very proud of our lead developer, Yoshi Jäger, who has done a great job on the development of the DigiByte blockchain related to the merge of 8.22. He has worked several hundreds of hours to perform functional tests and fix issues with DigiByte Core. This is a significant milestone for DigiByte, and gives DigiCorp the reliability it needs to use the DigiByte blockchain technology in their applications and solutions. It also allows us to develop our layer-2 solution on top of DigiByte later this year, where DGMV token will be used as gas.

DigiCorp attach great importance to inclusiveness and decentralization. The DigiByte Foundation will provide a detailed update soon, but the purpose of our work is to empower the DigiByte ecosystem and its partners, as well as businesses like DigiCorp, the community, developers and other stakeholders.

Enterprise Approach

What sets DigiCorp apart from other projects in this space is our corporate enterprise approach. This means that we are not only able to open up our business network to our technology, but that we are also able to ensure continuity and offer professional advice, consultancy, and support. Thanks to our team of highly experienced IT and data enterprise professionals, we can lay the foundation for professional development, deployment, and integration in a corporate enterprise environment.

In doing this, we can really drive the adoption of our decentralized technology in day-to-day solutions for consumers and customers. We can also announce that we have hired a technology consultant and solutions architect, who will help us to deliver and execute the implementation of our solutions.
We are convinced that by focusing on corporate enterprises, they will embed and embrace this technology for the new paradigm shift to more decentralized solutions, which will ultimately be transferred to consumer advantages.

Community Involvement

It is important to understand the different approach that we as a corporate team are taking. Our project is quite unlike any other project, and expectations from people in crypto space are far removed from people in a corporate environment.

This means that with regards to marketing and communication in particular, there is a balancing act to maintain. On the one hand, we are trying to be as transparent as possible and will get the community involved as much as we can. On the other hand, we are bound by expectations in businesses when taking into account the agreements and NDAs we have signed.

We always have emphasized from the start that we are a project with a focus on the longer term.
Without doubt, the success of our business, our products, and solutions will lead to a sharp increase in demand for the DGMV token, which will also eventually benefit our crypto community.

In June, we will be holding our first quarterly AMA, with team members from different disciplines answering your questions as best they can.

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Article written by DigiCorp Labs