June 15, 2022

DigiCorp Update – June 2022

Dear Metanauts, It might be crypto winter, but we can’t ignore the fact that the summer holidays are in sight. We’re forging on, continuing to focus on our product development...

Dear Metanauts,

It might be crypto winter, but we can’t ignore the fact that the summer holidays are in sight. We’re forging on, continuing to focus on our product development and aim for the launch of our first products in Q3/Q4 this year.

We know the crypto markets are still having a hard time, and we can imagine that your patience as token holders is being tested. The tech companies that can withstand the pressure will be able to build our digital future and eventually, the time will come for true pioneers to shine. Bearing this in mind, we keep our focus on the longer term, which means building, developing, partnering and getting prepared for the launch and sales of our products in Q3/Q4, with true utility for the DGMV token.

The web is evolving without any doubt. Whether it’s Web 3, Web 5 or whatever it eventually becomes,  there is a great need for privacy, security and decentralization. At DigiCorp, we have anticipated this evolution of the web and we have the building blocks developed and ready to be deployed. But we think that ownership and control of our data and sovereign identity should be in the deployment of Web 3, not Web 5 as mentioned by Jack Dorsey.  Partners should be able to use these tools in their solutions, platforms or other environments. The immersive experiences that come with Metaverse platforms require the safe, secure presence of our online identity and our data, fully controlled by its owners.

Product and Technology Development

While we are working hard to finalize the development, testing and documentation for the authenticator and password manager, our Indian development team is working on our Metaverse Suite to empower data privacy and sovereignty through decentralized technologies. Our Metaverse Suite contains the tools that empower enterprises with P2P chat, quantum-safe decentralized storage, safe sharing of information, P2P video-chat, and secure browsing, specifically designed to secure everyday needs for enterprises, small businesses, organizations and governments, all with one secure blockchain-based login. This will solve a lot of security issues, because it will effectively eliminate intermediaries and permit direct communication between individuals, without jeopardizing data security or privacy.

It’s great to see customers excited to get started with our POCs when we speak to them about their expectations and compliance with industry-related protocols. The standards that need to be set for the enterprise environment mean that we have to pay an exceptionally high level of attention to the compliance, quality and security of products and processes, all of which come under the direct remit of our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). We are proud to inform you that one of the POCs has been successfully deployed on the decentralized grid, and with this knowledge, we are able to provide a true alternative to current centralized storage providers.

Furthermore, we continue to look for talent to scale up our core team and ambassador & advisory board in roles such as technical enterprise product manager, developers, software consultants and sovereign digital identity specialists.

We're also grateful to see the positive developments and improvements to projects like DigiByte and Threefold, projects that DigiCorp has selected as pillars in our technology. We will keep the community updated about these technologies on our DigiMetaverse Show and DGMV subchannel.


It’s great to see we’re still ticking the boxes on our roadmap. Timing is always a challenge when we have to take into account our businesses and agreements.
Because we’re on schedule, we’re able to showcase our products this year at a fantastic exhibition. More information to follow! 

Because of the summer holidays in July and August, there will be no blog update for a couple of months. On June 29, at 14:00 UTC, we will be holding our first quarterly AMA in our Telegram chat, where we’ll be happy to answer all your questions as best we can. Please send your questions on the Telegram chat before June 24, using the hashtag #AMA in your message.

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Article written by DigiCorp Labs