May 17, 2022

DigiCorp Update – May 2022

Dear Metanauts, It’s time once again for our monthly update.We’re approaching the end of the first half of 2022.We know the market hasn’t been kind to us so far. All...

Dear Metanauts,

It’s time once again for our monthly update.
We’re approaching the end of the first half of 2022.
We know the market hasn’t been kind to us so far. All markets are “risk-off,” not only in crypto, but also in corporate and government bonds, equities, and commodities. Volatility is very high.
We understand there is a lot of uncertainty with all investors, but we are still building!
We are laser focused on business and developing products, and the token will have real utility in our solutions.
We are becoming part of a growing Metaverse, a technical evolution that needs to put data ownership and control back where it belongs; in the hands of users, data originators and contributors.


We are continuing to talk to several businesses and relevant companies where we see potential win-wins.
Some talks have been very prosperous. Our partnerships are not only related to corporate enterprises, where we cannot always be transparent, but also in the blockchain- and crypto-space, where we have active engagements with several projects. Last month, we announced a partnership with Ikonic, where we have great potential in the Metaverse, Web3, NFT and gaming space. This was very well received by their community. We are proud to announce we will have them on our DigiMetaverse show soon. Let us know if you have any questions about Ikonic, so Weynand Kuijpers can address them on the show.

Product and Technology Development

We are making great progress with our authenticator and password manager. We have some great POCs lined up for this product and are already using some customer feedback to make improvements. We will have our first commercial launch soon, and we expect the product to be ready to go to market in Q3/Q4. Timelines in software development are always difficult and challenging. Finding the right talents to scale up our team takes more time than anticipated. We are improving the UI/UX and putting together the required documentation for the products, as well as taking the necessary actions to monitor and enhance quality standards. We have to have a thorough approach to apply enterprise standards, related to (pen)testing, security protocols, privacy rules and compliance.
We also continue to develop other solutions with great features and unique technologies, like quantum-safe decentralized data management solutions and peer-to-peer communication solutions.
We are making some good progress there as well.
DigiByte and the Threefold Grid are important pillars in our technology, so DigiCorp will keep supporting the development and improvement of these technologies. We are also happy with our DGMV subchannel, where we are bringing lots of DigiByte news and updates as well as talking to some special DigiByte community members.


It’s great to see we have ticked all the boxes and accomplished everything on our April roadmap.
Some highlights:

  • We locked up almost 25% of the total DGMV supply in a highly secure cold storage vault.
  • We built a bridge to BSC and provided a liquidity pool on Pancake Swap
  • We also had a great Masterclass event on LinkedIn with almost 200 participants, and this has grown our LinkedIn following by 400%
    The roadmap for May is a continuation of many processes that will ultimately lead to improving our business, the products, the organic growth of community, business relations, and overall awareness of our technology, its solutions, our company, and the DGMV token. We are continuing to monitor the markets to consider the right timing for announcements, updates, and other crucial touchpoints.
    As always, we are trying to be as transparent as possible and will get the community involved as much as we can, but we are bound by expectations in terms of businesses and agreements.

I would like to repeat that in June, we will be holding our first quarterly AMA in the Telegram chat.
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Article written by DigiCorp Labs