October 21, 2022

DigiCorp Update - October 2022 - DigiThree Labs, ahead of the curve….

Dear Metanauts, As we’ve already mentioned, this month is “Rocktober” and a special month for DigiCorp Labs, DigiThree Labs and our upcoming first business-to-business solution, DGMV-iD.  DigiThree Labs, the enterprise-focused...

Dear Metanauts,

As we’ve already mentioned, this month is “Rocktober” and a special month for DigiCorp Labs, DigiThree Labs and our upcoming first business-to-business solution, DGMV-iD. 

DigiThree Labs, the enterprise-focused arm of DigiCorp Labs, has gained significant recognition of late, being held up as a potential gamechanger. At the European Metaverse Awards, which will be held on 27 October in Berlin, DigiCorp Labs has been shortlisted for ‘Most-Exciting Startup’ and DigiThree Labs has been shortlisted for the ‘Top B2B or Industrial Initiative’. The latter category is especially important, because this is exactly what sets DigiCorp Labs apart in the turbulent blockchain & crypto landscape; offering real world use cases and meeting the demand for trustless and decentralized technology.

With our Business-2-Business approach, we are informing companies about the great potential and possibilities of Web3 and the Metaverse. DigiThree Labs is able to provide business benefits and can create value that has an impact on the day-to-day business operations and digital safety of a company. 

To be successful at this stage of our company development, we want to have a push-and-pull sales strategy in place. With the appointment of Andreas Hartl, we have an experienced and seasoned professional on board, and his knowledge will help us accelerate our strategy to attract the right partners. Partners and System Integrators are discovering the potential of Web3 and the Metaverse for new revenue streams, and the advantage of a partner-led strategy is that prominent partners are already engaged with major clients, governments and institutions. They have all the procedures, goodwill, and certifications in place for compliance with their standards, requirements and expectations. These partners have proven to be successful, and have the ability to participate in (public) tenders. With this approach, DigiThree Labs is ahead of the curve, and indeed, Andreas is already engaged in several potential partner conversations.

The prospective partners that DigiThree Labs will be focusing on, and which can be found in our extensive business networks, can be categorized as follows:

  • Alliances - organizations that offer technology and/or solutions that seamlessly fit with what DigiThree Labs is doing. Here, we can establish synergies and collaborate, not only to add value, but to get value.
  • Ecosystem Partners - organizations that co-exist and move in the same field as DigiThree, with whom we can choose to collaborate for mutual strengthening, to the benefit of the ecosystem as a whole.
  • VAR (Value Added Resellers) - organizations that not only sell products or solutions, but provide value beyond those products through additional professional services, including those that DigiThree is offering.
  • System Integrators - organizations with a focus on solutions in a broader infrastructure, built with multi-vendor components, to which DigiThree solutions can be added.

Supported by our ERP/CRM system and an additional Partner Management platform, we will optimize our channel with impressive automated features that will greatly help our partners to be flexible, efficient and effective. This will not only give DigiThree the possibility to improve, but it will provide us with the tools to monitor and act proactively to guide and support our partners as they gain knowledge and expand the addressable market.

If everyone is moving forward together, success takes care of itself.” - (Henry Ford)

By building a partner ecosystem, we are increasing our sales success rate and, ultimately, the need for the DGMV utility token.

As always, the community's support in showing love and spreading the word is appreciated during this amazing journey.


Article written by DigiCorp Labs