February 17, 2022

Take Control of Your Data With Self-Sovereign Identity

Digital Governance Is Becoming a Major Challenge In 2013, Yahoo’s now infamous data breach affected a billion users. In 2018, 530 million Facebook users had their privacy compromised in what...

Digital Governance Is Becoming a Major Challenge

In 2013, Yahoo’s now infamous data breach affected a billion users. In 2018, 530 million Facebook users had their privacy compromised in what is now referred to as the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Wherever you look, the world’s largest tech companies are putting your data at risk. And the current state of online security is such that users are now even more vulnerable to having their data stolen and exploited as we enter the quantum computing era. All this is happening, but still users don’t actually have access to or control over their own data.

One of the major problems with the existing environment is that the user has become the product. Data harvesting is a lucrative industry and huge tech monopolies do not have the incentive to fix the leaks in their systems. Data storage currently relies on legacy technology and infrastructure, which is vulnerable to hacks, leaks, and exploitation.

But what if this wasn’t inevitable? What if we could change the way the internet works and give users control of their own data? What if enterprise clients had the tools they need to ensure their data and all their communications were secure?

We are in the midst of an internet revolution. And amongst this, DigiCorp has emerged as an innovator that will revolutionize the way data management and control works through the Metaverse. The Metaverse provides an almost limitless playground and a completely open opportunity for innovation by removing the walled gardens that centralized technology giants have been allowed to put up. But to harness its power, we need to address security risks right now.

A Simpler, More Effective Solution

DigiCorp has taken stock of the current data security environment and found new solutions to the security problems of today. As the modern monopolies were the only ones who could afford massive storage solutions, all our data became centralized and siloed, therefore easy to find and exploit. But by taking a blockchain supported, decentralized approach, DigiCorp avoids the traps of the larger online companies.

Their approach is completely self-governing, allowing us all to connect in a way that doesn’t compromise on security. By utilizing blockchain, cryptography, and quantum secure enterprise applications, DigiCorp opens up a whole new internet.

On the corporate side, DigiThree can help business owners avoid and eliminate security risks and breaches through quantum-secure file storage. Meanwhile, secure P2P video conferencing eliminates the need for third-party providers that don’t always consider your privacy a priority.

For individual users, DigiLife has been specially designed to allow the management of NFTs and other digital assets securely. Through this, individuals can financially benefit from their own data themselves – not the huge monopolies.

By demystifying blockchain for enterprise, DigiCorp is giving users a toolkit of quantum safe B2B, B2C, and C2C solutions that allow both individuals and businesses to enter the Metaverse securely. This will give everyone the chance to reengage with the internet in the way it was intended, with a focus on individuality, innovation, and equality.

Providing Privacy By Design

In the current landscape, privacy breaches are shockingly commonplace. Add to our earlier examples the fact that Alibaba has had user data breaches totaling 1.1 billion pieces, while LinkedIn has seen 700 million users affected by its breaches. But companies are still treating privacy as a second thought, an add-on after every other aspect of their business has been carefully considered.

DigiCorp takes a privacy first approach. Your data belongs to you and you should be the one who determines what happens to it. Security and privacy also a moral and legal minefield for businesses. Facebook had to pay out $5 billion after their 2019 breach as they had deceived their users about their ability to keep their data safe.

DigiCorp’s technology puts privacy, trust, and security at the forefront. It is baked into the design rather than installed as afterthought, which gives users the peace of mind and assurance that they have full, sovereign ownership of their own information.

Self-Sovereign Identity Gives You Power Over Your Data

It is vital for businesses and their individual customers to be able to protect their data as well as their own online and brand identities. DigiCorp’s unique Metaverse offers secure, value-driven solutions that empower a shift from the status quo and into the decentralized future.

DigiCorp is passionate about ensuring people are able to control their own data the way they want to. Whether you’re a business owner or simply looking to move away from the current market dominators, protecting your data is becoming increasingly important. You can be a part of the reliable, trustworthy, decentralized new way of guaranteeing your security. But the time to do it is now – not tomorrow.

Article written by DigiCorp Labs