December 15, 2021

The Data Revolution Is Now

Data is something which 4.66 billion people on earth currently emit, equivalent to 59.5% of the global population.1 Whether it be through browsing, typing, or clicks, personal data is a...

Data is something which 4.66 billion people on earth currently emit, equivalent to 59.5% of the global population.1 Whether it be through browsing, typing, or clicks, personal data is a commodity which is worth its weight in gold. From the 2013 Yahoo data breach attacks of over 3 billion user accounts, to the Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal of 2018, data harvesting is a term which has become well known and widely used. Indeed, it has dominated news proceedings over the past decade.

The distribution of and profiteering from resources is why data security is so important. Protecting personal data gives users power, control, and freedom to do what they want without being violated and used.

Your Data Is Being Exploited

When browsing online, it is incredibly easy for websites, software, and apps to see exactly what you are looking at so that they can in turn calculate and compile information such as a user’s personality, interests, race, age, gender, genetics, and much more. This has made the collection and sale of big data a multi-billion-dollar industry, with an estimated value of $64 billion. What’s more, 97% of the global data sphere is managed and controlled by third-party enterprises, providing mass access to see exactly what people are doing online.

Data companies can then extract and sell people’s information in order to target them with specific messaging or ads. This is clearly visible when it comes to social media, where personal information is arguably at its most exposing. According to a pCloud study,2 Instagram shares and sells 79% of its users' collected personal data to third parties, ahead of Facebook at 57% and LinkedIn at 50%.

Fortunately, the solution to all this exploitation is already here in the form of decentralized blockchain technology. By going through a decentralized platform which is self-sovereign and community driven, users can eliminate security threats while creating innovative digital experiences.

Data Security Isn’t the Future: We Need It Now

By 2025, global data will have grown to 163ZB, ten times the amount stored in 2016. The average number of data interactions per connected person per day is expected to increase dramatically from 298 in 2010 to almost 5000 interactions by 2025. The current centralized model of data storage is clearly not working, and with the exponential increase of global set to continue, the time to act is now.

According to ‘The Future of Privacy and Cybersecurity, Forecast to 2030’ report,3 by 2030, an estimated ‘91 billion devices around the world will exist, with over 10 connected devices per human.’ Of course, with centralized models, this monumental amount of data will be gathered and corrupted by big corporations who will use and manipulate it as they wish. But by going through a reliable, decentralized platform when using and gathering data, your information can be secure, protected, and autonomous.

DigiCorp Gives You Control Over Your Data

Control for consumers, businesses, and brands provides an ethical and sustainable streamline of operations which unlocks the endless possibilities of decentralized technology. Through a completely transparent and self-governed system, DigiCorp excludes the risk and threat of security breaches from third-party services looking to profit from your data.

A decentralized platform of ID-secured services for clearly segmented users and markets opens up space for a collaborative community of users, experts, and partners who can have a rich and valuable digital experience. Decentralized technology lies at the core of the internet’s future. DigiCorp offers a world of increased financial efficiency, a quality store of value, faster and more secure transaction times, and prevention from government meddling or fraudulent activity. Your data will be stored without any issues of racketeering from third parties. The user is firmly at the forefront of all digital proceedings and is provided with the privacy, immediate accessibility, and quality digital experience that they deserve.

Stepping Into the Metaverse

All of this technology is seamlessly achieved through the Metaverse; a protected, people-centric, and value creation-focused ecosystem. Facilitating real-world solutions with guaranteed practical, measurable value, the Metaverse demystifies decentralized technology for users in an easily digestible and educational manner.

DigiCorp enables a secure entry into the Metaverse through a toolkit of quantum-secure, value-driven B2B, B2C, and C2C solutions. They bring the Metaverse to life through a selection of three bespoke units which make up their core vision (DigiThree, DigiLife, and the DigiWare/ DigiAcademy). These grant the user completely unobtrusive, honest data protection and Metaverse access through quantum-secure technology.

DigiCorp are laying the foundation for a spectrum of vested enterprise services, applications, and enhancements for consumers and businesses alike. It’s time to enter the Metaverse and secure your digital future. But the time is now – the future of data is already here.


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Article written by DigiCorp Labs