March 15, 2024

The edge cloud and private 5G revolution: insights from our DGMV-Edge Box webinar 

Last week, core members of the DigiCorp Labs team came together in a webinar to discuss one of our revolutionary products: the DGMV-Edge Box. Read on to discover key insights...

Last week, core members of the DigiCorp Labs team came together in a webinar to discuss one of our revolutionary products: the DGMV-Edge Box.

Read on to discover key insights about this unique solution, from how it works and what it can do, to how it’s set to work with our other products to create a new, decentralized paradigm for data ownership.

What is the DGMV-Edge Box?

The DGMV-Edge Box is one of the smallest data centers on the market right now. It comes with built-in CPUs, storage, remote and security management, air conditioning, and UPS – plus all the external connectivity needed to get you up and running fast.

It is a totally unique and shippable Data-Center-in-a-Box that brings new capabilities to the Edge Computing and Industrial IoT spaces. The storage-optimized Edge Data Center modular building block can be configured in various ways from a simple battery-operated server with up to 144TB of storage to a fully-fledged hyper-converged, remote-controlled, networkable computing powerhouse. Additionally, if you need even more capacity, you can hot-wire more boxes to create an automatic cluster that acts as one complete system.

The Edge box is shockproof, weatherized, compact, and lightweight, weighing under 23 kilos.

The DGMV-Edge Box can also be configured with 5G and 4G capabilities, creating the only portable ruggedized edge Data-Center-in-a-Box that provides a 5G bubble while running edge AI software simultaneously. Integrated within our Intel-powered Edge Datacenter system, the Private 5G Network In-a-Box combines multicore CPU, GPU, ultra-fast NVMe storage, and remote management. This all-in-one solution delivers high-speed, low-latency communications alongside robust, on-site data processing and storage, enhancing live events and critical operations with secure, efficient, on-premise Edge Cloud connectivity.

Why is the DGMV-Edge Box essential?

In today's digital landscape, a substantial volume of data originates "at the edge". Let's keep it there!

Everyone knows there’s a lot of data out there – especially with developments in AI and the IoT – but how do we make sure it all has a place to go? With every device creating data more rapidly than ever, network congestion, latency issues and high costs are all too common in transporting information to and from data centers.

It’s up to startups to find an interim solution – a means of crunching data on the edge that’s more efficient and flexible than ever before.

How does the DGMV-Edge Box work?

The DGMV-Edge Box is designed to operate on various power sources, ranging from solar panels, car batteries, and UPS batteries to standard AC or generator power. It's capable of connecting up to 36 cells, which serve as antennas, to the box via Ethernet or electricity cables, providing everything you need for ultimate connectivity. Initially, these cells are small, but they can be replaced with larger or different types as needed.

The edge box can connect to nearby cell towers to offload network traffic and data. Additionally, it features Starlink satellite, LAN, and WiFi connectivity, enabling swift connection to any available public/private network.

Because the DGMV Edge Box is a 5G solution with data center capabilities, it works like a remote / branch office with all hard and software needed for remote autonomous operations creating a 4 and 5G private network using the upper band (N77–N48) – which is free as long as you have permission – and is very easy to install, giving you complete control over frequency and configuration.

What are the real-world applications of the DGMV-Edge Box?

The DGMV Edge Box unlocks new possibilities for broadcasting, with the public network capacity to manage all elements from a single point. It also has uses for the military and police forces, where it can help with everything from facial recognition to search operations.

For first responders, the Edge Box can quickly build a network for communication when cell towers are down during an emergency. This means the box also has potential for innovation in the oil and gas industry, as well as in creating powerful hotspots in ‘middle of nowhere’ areas.

Another core innovation area for the Edge Box lies in business continuity, given its ability to act as a fully functional backup network and datacenter – live in just 30 minutes. This is particularly innovative in the case of hacks and hijacks, giving businesses the ability to resume normal operations and reduce costly downtime.

What makes the DGMV-Edge Box special?

As a company, our mission is to put enterprises in complete control of their data at all times. The problem with current, cloud-based solutions is that they place the ‘key’ to data in an outside provider’s hands, meaning hacks and hijacks have the power to ground all operations and production.

As big corporations begin to bring data back into their premises, the Edge Box offers a perfect way to retain control and privacy in a decentralized way – and all with passwordless authentication built-in.

Our innovative identity and access management solution, DGMV-ID, will also integrate with the Edge Box, with all users required to download the app and use the authentication system to log in seamlessly. The same goes for our DGMV-Secure Meets solution and DGMV-Smart Layer, all of which will be included in the Edge Box, acting as multipliers to the service.

Overall, we’re confident that the DGMV-Edge Box is a revolutionary product with the power to make big waves in the enterprise environment. Our deflationary DGMV token governance model also empowers both enterprises and individuals to acquire influence and actively contribute to shaping the future trajectory of our ecosystem. By participating, stakeholders play a pivotal role in steering DGMV towards its future direction.

Through it all, data ownership remains key. We’re currently in multiple discussions with partners and customers, with a lot of things happening and a lot of positive announcements in the pipeline. We’re grateful as always to our loyal community for your endless support and patience. We couldn’t do this without you – so watch this space!

Question time

Does the Edge Box have any competitors?
There are some competitor products, but they don’t have the same capabilities. Most are lacking in UPS, air conditioning or management. Amazon and Dell have similar products, but they only have around 30% of the capabilities we have.

Can you share pricing information?
The basic model costs €32,500, with the G5 coming in at €87,000. That said, our goal is to sell the Edge Box as a service, which we will create bespoke according to demand.

How many units are ready now, and what’s the plan going forward?
We have 20 units ready right now, plus more to be made on-demand. There are several options to choose from, so now we have the baseline and can make adjustments on a case by case basis.

Do you have any sales projections?
We want to have monthly 100K recurring subscriptions revenue by the end of the year – this is important for the community and use of the token. Right now, we’re focusing on recurring revenue from selling services and licenses rather than devices.

Have you pre sold any boxes, and where will the initial sales focus be?
Our focus is global, especially in the Netherlands and Germany in Europe, and in Indonesia in Asia. The Edge Box also presents some interesting opportunities for smart cities, where connected, controlled data is crucial. Our vision is a connected one, and we’re taking the time to implement it fully, so we can deploy it as a total ecosystem with the potential for true worldwide impact.

Article written by DigiCorp Labs