February 12, 2022

Ending ICO - listing

Dear Metanauts, First of all, thanks a lot for being part of this decentralized movement. The awareness that we need to be in control of our personal data and identity...

Dear Metanauts,

First of all, thanks a lot for being part of this decentralized movement. The awareness that we need to be in control of our personal data and identity without relying and depending on third parties, and other single point of failures, is a necessity to enforce this paradigm shift.

We are very pleased with the progress that we as company and team are making, together with the community we have built so far organically.
With the end of the ICO in sight, and with our upcoming listings, we’re excited to announce that we are very satisfied with the proceeds of the ICO. After a head start in the private- and public sales, the market sentiment turned in a direction that was not in our advantage, but nevertheless we have raised enough to be able to now focus on the business and execute our long terms plans.

We’re very proud to be able to announce that we have established and secured our treasury management to make sure we can continue to build for the future.
We’ll stay grounded and will utilize and manage our treasury wisely to contribute towards business development, outreach and marketing to realize real world adoption. Our tokenomics, the vesting schedules and listing strategy are focused on the longer term.
Our main focus now is to start becoming a solid, healthy organization, delivering high quality solutions that are very much wanted and needed for the Metaverse, and we want to make sure that we will be able to further onboard more partners and customers.

It is amazing how strong our community has become and that’s also a reason that motivates us to continue to develop, to build, and above all to deliver and execute.
We have not started this project for the short term. We will continuously developing and improving in what should be the best alternatives for centralized solutions.In a decentralized environment we need each other. We’re stronger together. You can be part of this movement and support us by showing everyone that we’re here together for a people centric metaverse. Let’s build and share the future together!

In our physical lives we do our best, every day, to take care of ourselves and make sure we are safe and protected from fraudsters. We value and treasure our privacy and freedom.
Our digital lives are becoming more and more important, and we need to take much better care of it. That’s only possible if the technical tools for this are available to us, without changing our convenience. Companies should have a leading role in this, especially when asking for your personal data. They are supposed to respect our privacy and ensure our safety. Despite the good intentions, history has proven that they are not able to take the right measures and some are even carelessly handling our data. Therefore we cannot rely on third parties using inappropriate technology and solutions. We need to offer trustless systems where we own and control our data and identity.There is where DigiCorp comes in. Creating the technology and tools for enterprises and consumers based on a trustless environment, with no third party involvement.

See you in the decentralized Metaverse!

Article written by DigiCorp Labs