November 6, 2022

What is 'the Mirror World'

The mirror world is not the same as the Metaverse. It is a representation — the mirror image — of the real world seen in a 'digital mirror.' There we...

The mirror world is not the same as the Metaverse. It is a representation — the mirror image — of the real world seen in a 'digital mirror.' There we see 'Digital Twins' as the relevant objects, which not only possess information about themselves, but also contextual information, such as where they come from, what data they contain, what their important sources of information are and which other objects are important to them. A good example of a digital mirror world is Google Earth. Added digital information that is projected onto our facial image with augmented reality glasses or the heads-up display.

The term mirror world was popularized by Yale computer scientist David Gelernter. It not only reflects what something looks like, but also includes the context, meaning and function of the object, such as how we can interact with it, possibly manipulate it and experience its use as we would in the real world.

The 'world wide web' was the first digital technology platform that digitized both data and information and subjected its 'knowledge' to the power of algorithms. It was soon dominated by major innovative tech players such as Google, Apple and Microsoft. The second digital platform was social media, like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat, which brought people together and allowed them to communicate.

Digitally Immersed

With the first platforms, we were still looking 'from the outside in.' With the Metaverse — the third digital platform — you, as a participant, will be in the middle of the digital world, an 'immersive experience' where you experience virtual reality as if it were real. The Metaverse began in the gaming world with VR headsets used to create a virtual world. In the real world, augmented headsets, as well as holograms, will visibly create a virtual environment that surrounds us. In this way, even deceased stars like Elvis can perform live concerts again.

Companies like Roblox. Sandbox, Meta, Decentralland, Blocktopia, etc. are currently important players in that 'virtual space.' But many more of these virtual worlds ( galaxies, in Metaverse terms) will emerge. We are still in the early stages and seeing the first wave of these pioneers. We know from the previous internet bubble that only the second wave of companies will reap the benefits of all the pioneers, such as Yahoo, Hives, MSN, MySpace and AOL. These first internet players have disappeared or have completely faded into the background.

A fiction and a non-fiction world

The Metaverse as a gaming platform is the 'fictional appearance' that includes virtual avatars and objects. But there is also a 'non-fiction appearance,' which reflects the real world as a digital mirror (the Mirror World). Think about personal digital identities and 'digital twins' like products and factories. CAD/CAM technology builds virtual products and workshops that reflect the real world digitally, Meanwhile, new developments based on the roll-out of decentralized Web 3.0 infrastructure and Web3 platforms equipped with token and blockchain technologies provide methods for administration, settlement and accounting, just like we capture, settle and record real physical assets in an accounting system.

These new platforms will further digitize the rest of the world. Objects and locations will be 'machine readable' by the power of algorithms. Like their predecessors, these new platforms will unleash a new explosion of wealth for businesses and the users in their ecosystem, Thanks to millions of new ideas — as well as problems and challenges — that were not possible before machines could see, recognize and read the physical world.

The blue hour (l'heure bleue)

This moment of this “New Digital Dawn” is special because we are now experiencing the 'blue hour,' that short, unique moment just before the sun appears above the horizon, the first twilight that offers us the unique opportunity to see this new world before it is really there, the new day when physical and digital merge, where something is only real if it exists in both the physical and the digital world. The third platform will merge with our physical world in such a way that they are seemingly one and create an absolutely new experience for human beings, the first time in human history that we can mimic the reality of the physical world in the digital world. So make a physical appearance from that digital world again and experience it as a physical experience.

This compelling event is happening right before our eyes. We are all fellow spectators to this. If you see it, it will spark your creativity and enhance our productivity in the same way as cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and create totally new real-life use cases.

We’ll see the moment that a digital life exists in combination with digitally added intelligence. This new hybrid consciousness is tremendously exciting but hard to imagine. It creates the ability to have consciousness in a digital world, with all the "fun and fears" that science fiction writers have created in their novels and movies. Now there is actually a 'new physical experience' in an 'almost real world' that was originally conceived and modeled in the digital world.

More and more companies are venturing into the Mirror World / Enterprise Metaverse, creating strategy and deploying digital twins.
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Article written by Jozua van der Deijl